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This all started out from an old school hobby of mine: Philately. 

The first thing I would do whenever I receive a letter is to search for the stamps on the envelope, then carefully cut them out along the edges and store them in a container. When the container is almost full, I'll carefully remove the stamps from the container and give them a nice bath in a bucket of water. 


The purpose of this soaking process is to detach the stamps from the envelope cut outs. Once detached, the stamps will then be dried and carefully stored into my precious stamp album. But the highlights of this collection are not the stamps but the remaining random envelope scraps that were left scattered on my desk which created an irregular aesthetic view that inspired this new collection. 

Checkerboard See-through Sheer Socks / Magenta

  • Leg Length: 16 cm

    Foot Length: 22-25 cm 


    Fits 22-25cm || EU 36-40 || US(W) 6-9

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