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We are always looking for new opportunities to work with high street retailers or online stores, enquiries from worldwide are all welcome!

Please email to with the subject titled WHOLESALE ENQUIRY, state the product types you are interested in carrying (knitwear/socks/beanies), alone with some information about yourself and your space, for example:

• boutique / business name / website
• style / theme / photographs of your store   

• products / labels you are currently carrying
• other applicable details 


We will get back with wholesale policies and order forms shortly. Thank you so much for liking our works!





We are absolutely happy to do commercial / bespoke commissions upon customer requests.

Please email to with the subject titled COMMISSION ENQUIRY, let us know as more information as possible, such as:

• purpose of the commission enquiry ( is it for someone, for your shop or for an event, etc )
• what kind of product / service you are after  

• styles / themes / ideas / colourways you have in mind 
• other applicable details 


Please note that only selected commission projects can be taken, commitment will be based on our workload and timeline.
We will get back to you shortly after reviewing the requests, thank you very much for your interest!

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