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During the past months, I had a chance to join a film crew interviewing some crop farmers and livestock farmers across Taiwan. It was so fun and educational to learn about the stories and knowledge of the food we eat everyday directly from the farmers, and I cherished the special opportunity.


Apart from interesting stories, the farmers also shared their worst experiences during the career that were mostly caused by environmental pollution. We all know how the pollution could affect our daily lives, but I've never viewed it from a farmer's perspective. The stories left a deep impression on my mind, which led to the creation of this collection💡

Deforestation Unisex Crew Socks /Beaver

  • Leg Length: 16 cm
    Foot Length: One unisex size only

    Fits 23-27cm || EU 37-43 || US(M) 5-9 || US(W) 6-10.5

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