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This pair is from "Morocco" collection:

In January 2020, I was lucky to take a 9 days trip to Morocco, the kingdom for art lovers before the pandemic consumed our world. Morocco might not be one of the wealthier countries but it's so rich in colours and patterns. Hugely inspired by the vibrant mosaic arts and patterns of handmade pottery and textiles, this collection is dedicated to this jewel of North Africa, the country I would love to visit again and again 🔸🔷💎🔶🔹

Diamonds Unisex Crew Socks / Marl Grey

  • Leg Length: 18 cm
    Foot Length: One unisex size only

    Fits 23-27cm || EU 37-43 || US(M) 5-9 || US(W) 6-10.5

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